There are many reasons to go into business. It gives you the freedom to choose your line of work and the hours you work. It allows you to take your destiny in your own hands. You are truly your own boss. You can make more money than you ever have. That's why it's called working for yourself.

Sometimes we need advice, finance, tax returns, cashflows for the bank, expensive advice. Sometimes we just need to know where we are heading, but how do we draw up a business plan?

That's why we have published a series of easy-to-use guides to success in business. Avoid pitfalls, and draw on our years of experience in business. We provide guides for going into business, which arrangements are best for you, how to set up, finance and management for success, guides that make doing your own tax returns easy, and do your own business plan. Guides that can save you thousands of dollars in accountancy fees.